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GraceFuLL Tunes LLC offers the following professional services conveniently through our Internet site (for current price list, click here):

Songwriting services

  • GFT renders professional songwriting and composition guidance to new or unfinished songs.
  • GFT offers musicality and song arranging to poetry, lyrics, and all literary works.

Song Publishing services

GFT offers the following services for converting original song material into published song works:

  • Transcribes handwritten charts, midi/audio data files into professionally notated lead sheets (with the lyrics included on lead sheet)
  • Offers step-by-step guidance for song/poetry copyrighting.
  • Offers song publishing for copyrighted material under GraceFull Notes Publishing (BMI-affiliate).

Song Production Services

  • GFT offers pre-production services to all aspiring to record song material produced to its full song arrangement. Click here for more information.

(GFT is fully equipped as a ProTools-compliant, digital recording studio.)

Personalized Song Services

GFT will produce (in your desired musical style or genre), songs personalized from any submitted words or catch phrases to be used as:

  • Unique music giftsfor the price of a bouquet of flowers, clients can give personalized songs as a memorable birthday, valentine, wedding, or anniversary gift. Who knows, it can also turn out to be a number 1 hit song!    Click here for more information.
  • Ringtones – GFT will convert your catch-phrased, personalized songs into downloadable ringtones for your cell phone. Your phone's ring will now stand out above the crowd!  Click here for more information.